12:45 19-05-2012
Dorian Nicolai
A great hug to this lovely and beautiful clan and to all the wonderful people that are parto of it.

08:03 26-04-2012
DevilsVixen Restless
oh I love your website. Awesome muah Biatch the beautiful
12:58 15-04-2012
Lolla Honi
Wonderful job, my Queen, with this e-home for our clan. A great resource to give to new members with the purpose of fostering a sense of family. Kudos!

Your humble vampyr,

Lolla Honi =^..^=
10:08 14-04-2012
Fayna Tisch
Beautifull site, Does the clan justice. I realy look forward to seein it grow.
09:31 13-04-2012
Huggies Biatch !!! awesome job on the page xoxoxoxoox
Kathryn and Edward Drake
09:22 13-04-2012
Awesome sight Biatch love it!! This is amazing and thank you so much for doing this for the family
22:49 11-04-2012
Octavia Loordes
Love it! Thanks for doing this!
19:31 11-04-2012
Skye Hanly
Just a quick hello,huggies also my Liege...
22:26 28-03-2012
Sinsation Resident
Hey Dj Sin was here... and OMG this is an amazing Site Great Job on it hugs n kisses